Area Meta Data Structures

Area TypeData FieldData TypeDescription
TRACTUAIDNumberUnique area identifier
TRACTSTATEFPStringCensus state FIPS code
TRACTCOUNTYFPStringCensus county FIPS code
TRACTTRACTCEStringCensus census tract code
TRACTGEOIDStringCensus tract identifier; a concatenation of Census state FIPS code, county FIPS code, and census tract code
TRACTNAMEStringCensus census tract name, including the decimal point and decimal digits if a non-zero census tract suffix exists, excluding trailing zeros unless the zeros are part of a non-zero census tract suffix, and excluding any leading zeros
TRACTNAMELSADStringCensus translated legal/statistical area description and the census tract name
TRACTMTFCCStringMAF/TIGER feature class code (G5020)
TRACTFUNCSTATStringCensus functional status
TRACTALANDNumberCensus land area
TRACTAWATERNumberCensus water area
TRACTINTPTLATNumberCensus latitude of the internal point
TRACTINTPTLONNumberCensus longitude of the internal point
TRACTPOPNumberCensus population count
TRACTHUNumberCensus housing unit count