Area Meta Data Structures

Area TypeData FieldData TypeDescription
PLACEUAIDNumberUnique area identifier
PLACESTATEFPStringCensus state FIPS code
PLACEPLACEFPStringCensus place FIPS 55 code
PLACEPLACENSStringCensus place ANSI code
PLACEGEOIDStringPlace identifier; a concatenation of the Census state FIPS code and place FIPS code
PLACENAMEStringCensus place name
PLACENAMELSADStringCensus name and the translated legal/statistical area description for place
PLACELSADStringCensus legal/statistical area description code for place
PLACECLASSFPStringCensus FIPS class code
PLACEPCICBSAStringCensus metropolitan or micropolitan statistical area principal city indicator
PLACEPCINECTAStringCensus New England city and town area principal city indicator.
PLACEMTFCCStringG4110 (incorporated place) and G4210 (census designated place)
PLACEFUNCSTATStringCensus functional status
PLACEALANDNumberCensus land area
PLACEAWATERNumberCensus water area
PLACEINTPTLATNumberCensus latitude of the internal point
PLACEINTPTLONNumberCensus longitude of the internal point
PLACEPOPNumberCensus population count
PLACEHUNumberCensus housing unit count